Welcome to Vinyl.Deals

Welcome to Vinyl.Deals

The New Community for Vinyl Collecting and Sales!


VinylDeals started sometime back in 2017 as a facebook group selling and raffling records.

I have always collected records and recently discovered an appreciation of high quality Japanese vinyl. The facebook group reflected this and saw hundreds of records sold with over 1000 active members in the short time that the group was running.

The problem was, the bigger the group became, the more records were posted (from my own collection and from other group members) and then it became increasingly more difficult to filter through what was for sale, along with filtering out what had sold…

Facebook offers no categories for ‘for sale’ items in a general group, so as a web developer, I started playing with the idea of a dedicated site for VinylDeals…

A beta site went live last year, with a basic shop structure, and was launched with over 150 records listed. These all sold.

Now, a new version of VinylDeals has landed!!!

This time, taking the best of the original FB group, and the beta site and bringing them together into a standalone community based site.

Welcome to the new Vinyl.Deals website.

Here you can find many useful features for filtering through and searching for some great records to buy that you may not find on the shelf of high street stores.

All records posted for sale can be found in the general ‘shop’ section, but will also appear on the sites ‘newsfeed’ on the homepage – just like in the FB group.

You can browse categories, search posts (in both the shop and newsfeed), and more…

Much more is to come, including further development to allow all our members to post their own records for sale with multiple membership levels for private collectors and specialist shops.

The aim is to make Vinyl.Deals a community site that reflects the enthusiasm our members have for vinyl records.

Please share and invite others you know who may want to join us on the next leg of our journey, and check out the records I have available from my own personal collection while here 🙂

Much more to come very soon!

Tim – VinylDeals



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